Tysma | Lems international tax consultants gives an insight in the tax obligations and possible benefits to the international yacht crew from it’s Malta office.

Tysma | Lems is in the market to make sure that – no matter where you are on or off board – you will always be tax compliant and enjoy the benefits if available. Ignoring benefits makes nobody happy. Our approach is very pragmatic, hands-on and structured. We will start with an initial check in, followed by a first preview analyse. From there we start to support you with your annual tax returns, tax waivers, social security matters, tax refunds, and advice. Advice about how to stay compliant and how to benefit from the fact that you are working and living internationally.

Our tax specialists will take care of the stressful tax bureaucratic paperwork to ensure that you have calm sea while being onboard and to ease the come back to steady ground once you are off board.

We will make sure that you make the best out of your sea life enjoying all the land benefits through services offered by Tysma | Lems.