From Monday to Wednesday you run your business in London; on Thursday you help your daughter with her art gallery in Paris; Friday you use to visit or contact your most important clients and, last but not least; the weekend you use to relax or to host some of your clients at your property in Gstaad.
Your world has no borders, neither do you accept any since you have no clue where your work ends, and private life starts. For you it is not eventhat important. Furthermore, you have assets and businesses all over the world via either direct or indirect involvement.

From a financial perspective you know exactly where your stand, you miss no details and that has brought you your success. At the same time do you know where you stand from a tax perspective?

Do you know:

– In which countrie(s) you need to file an annual tax return?
– Which country/countries will claim your world income?
– Which assets are taxable and which are not?
– Which assets you own privately, and which belong to one of your businesses? – Your social security position?

– The consequences of helping your daughter financially and in private? – The consequences of supporting some charity initiatives?
– What happens with your assets if something happens to you?
– If a business conflict can have an impact on your private assets?

– The personal impact of operating internationally?

Neither do we, but we do know that all these and many more questions need to be answered to make sure that you, your family and your business are and stay compliant. No matter where you go, operate or live.

We see it as our duty to analyse and manage the impact of the various international tax regulations on your worldwide assets. Not only to make sure you are and stay compliant but also to minimise your risk and maximise your opportunities. After all, operating internationally may have some benefits as well.

Let us find your tax benefits, manage your tax risks and organise that you and your family are and will stay compliant no matter where you go or reside.