You just entered the London underground while your phone is ringing. It’s your boss, it seems to be urgent as he does not stop. It looks like he does not take no for an answer. You have no other choice but to return his call asap. The word is out: he wants you to move asap to Singapore to run a two-year project the company just won. You seem to be the man and he is most probably not in the mood to hear a no or have any discussions with you.

But you do have doubts as you do not know the implications from a personal perspective. You are already an expat in London and now you become an expat2. You have so many questions you want to have answers to as soon as possible.

– Where will I be taxed?
– Who will pay my tax bill?
– What is the impact on my social security status? – What about my pension?
– What about my costs of living?
– What about my London property?
– What about my Rotterdam property?
– What about my health insurance?
– What about my international savings?

We understand the urgency of your queries and like to take away any of your doubts, so that you can get yourself well prepared to discuss the personal implications with your boss and hopefully become the man for this job. As we would not like to disappoint your boss. From our end, we will make sure that you are and would stay compliant no matter where your organisation sends you.

It is our aim to make sure you are well informed to take the best decision, to find you any benefits from working internationally and protect you from missing any tax obligations in the world.