Tysma Lems is a tax advisory firm focused on the support of global citizens working and/or living abroad. We are specialised in income tax, social security matters and insurance, pensions and inheritance tax laws.

The firm was founded in 1953 by Mr Tysma. He worked for the Holland America Line. Through his work he gained knowledge about tax exemptions and social security matters. He started filling tax returns for this colleagues. There was such a high demand from outside the company, he decided to start his own tax declaration company.

Tysma Lems has developed into a reputable tax consultancy firm focused on supporting global citizens. Historically, most of our clients have been active in the maritime sector.

Yet our vast knowledge of international tax matters has become increasingly valuable to clients working in other sectors as well. Due to our experience in international tax matters gained over the last decades we have an outstanding track record in supporting global citizens.

We are a proactive company with a hands-on approach, that uses clear communication and will always find a solution to your problem. Our core principle is to use our vast tax and social security knowledge to assist each individual client in the best way possible.